I cannot sign in!

Since early 2022 Howlycoin migrated to an external authentication service allowing an even better experience for earning free CSGO skins, RUST skins, PayPal balance, and Amazon gift cards. 

The login can be problematic from time to time, especially when you use a cookie blocker or a restrictive browser like Brave.


Working browsers

We aim for the best experience for everyone, so we tested the most common browsers and found the following browsers worked without flaws:

  • Chrome (Desktop)
  • Edge (Desktop)
  • Brave (Desktop, easily fixable. See below)
  • Firefox (Desktop)
  • Safari (Mobile)
  • Samsung Internet (Mobile)


Fix for Brave (Desktop)

The easiest way to sign in using Brave is to allow all cookies for Howlycoin. The default setting is 'disallow cross-site cookies'. If this does not work please use another sign-in method and please let us know so we can fix any problems asap!

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